Birchbox – February 2017


It arrived.. Birchbox of February ! For February, beauty boxes often honor Valentine’s day; but this year Birchbox honors friendship wit the box « Gang de fille ». Everybody can feel concerned.


Contents of Birchbox February


We received the Glamour of the month.

We received two girly pin’s to hang on ours sweat, jacket, shirt, coat, bag… I think I’m gonna hang it on my denim jacket for a vintage look.



I received two makeup products:

  • Lip balm grenadine – Laino : enriched in oily extract of calendula, soothing and regenerating, this balm takes care of damaged lips. I love its perfume and its spangled effect. Formulated without paraben and without phĂ©noxyĂ©thanol, this balm contains UV filters for a protection all year long!
  • Contour stick – Modelco : to be applied on the face, then shade off with the fingers. Its creamy texture let an ultra-natural depiction on the skin. I have not tried it yet, but I like usually make my counturing with Hoola Benefit cosmetics, so I can’t wait to try with a creamy texture.



I received three care products:

  • Keratin smooth conditioner – Luseta : this conditioner is for damaged hair. Hair find back sweetness, shine and strength thanks to the keratin with soften naturally hair. I have not tried it yet, but I never have enough conditioner 😆 !
  • Deodorant stick Bergamot Lime – Schmidt’s : real bestseller on the USA, this natural deodorant has many promesses: a reliable protection against humidity and smells, rapid absorption, does not stick, doesn’t contain aggressive ingredients (aluminium, paraben…). 100% Natural and cruelty free. I already tested and approved  schmidts’ deodorant potted. So I can’t wait to test the stick version, which will be more confortable and practical.
  • Pore no more cleanser – Dr Brandt : this purifying cleanser eliminated impurities quite smoothly and let on skin a sensation of neatness and freshness. Formulated with soothing assets and some salicylic acid, it eliminated the excess of sebum without drying out the skin. With my only and combination skin, I am always in search of this type of product. I have just finished Oily Skin Cleanser – Youth lab which I really loved. So, I will try this new cleanser very soon.

If you want a general opinion on Birchbox, I let you read Beauty boxes ? Zoom on Birchbox.

I hope you enjoyed read me, and see you next month to talk about the birch box of March.

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Xoxo 💋

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