Winter Sales 2017

Winter sales will finish on the 21 February in France. So actually we are in the middle.. Let’s review my purchases! 


This year I wanted two clothes in particular:

  • a simple dark coat, without hood, to wear it with everything
  • a new pair of leather boots

A new pair of leather boots

Traditionally, my father offers me my Christmas present during winter sales to have a beautiful gift at a reasonable price. So this year I ask him boots. I had no particular idea of what I want, I wanted a crush.

So, we went in to the city center of Toulouse and just looked into shops. I went in Zara, Eram, Minelli, Texto.. but all the boots squeezed me too much the calf. But I had a idea of what I want: boots, in leather, with square heels.

I finally found what I was looking for at CosmoParis. It has only a 20% reduction but I wanted it and not an other pair. With the reduction, it counts 191,20 € instead of 239 €. It are still available on this price.


Click here to buy it

I was always afraid of having pain in feet wearing high-heeled boots, but with square heel these boots are so confortable. I wear its all day long, and I when I go back my feet are doing very well … 😅

These boots are very chic and match perfectly with a skirt or a dress. But I don’t really like to wear boots with pants.

A simple dark coat

I found the perfect coat at an unbeatable price on Mango Outlet. I took advantage of this order to add some articles on my shopping cart.

So my order contained:

  • A navy blue coat which I paid 29,99 € instead of 79,99 €. Actually it counts only 14,99 € !
  • A white blouse at 12,99 € instead of 19,99 €.
  • A coral top at 1,99 € instead of 3,99 € but it is actually out of stock.




I put you my whishlist:

I hope you enjoyed read me. And let’s go shopping, sales are not over yet !

Xoxo 💋


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