The Chocolate Bar Eye palette

This palette was released in 2014. Too Faced, known for its attractive and girly packaging, went viral with this product. Its looks like chocolate bar, but its has the smell of it too! Today this palette is a must-have just like naked palettes. 



Eyeshadows ✨

There are 16 eyeshadows:

  • Gilded Ganache: a dark brown almost khaki with golden glitters
  • White Chocolate: a mat white/beige
  • Milk chocolate: a mat color just looks like coffee with milk
  • Black Forest Truffle: brown plum with a lot of golden glitters
  • Triple Fudge: a matt brown
  • Salted caramel: caramelized chestnut
  • Marzipan: beige slightly pinkish
  • Semi-sweet: a medium mat brown
  • Strawberry Bonbon: a pastel pink
  • Candied violet: a purple bluish with pink glitters
  • Amaretto: a metallized copper
  • Hazelnut: a satin brushed medium brown
  • Crème brûlée: golden champagne
  • Haute chocolate: really closed to Hazelnut but colder
  • Cherry cordial: a medium brown / plum
  • Champagne truffle: a luminous champagne

Click here to buy it !

Most of the time I use:

➸ White chocolate on all the lid

➸ Milk chocolate and Salted caramel to accentuate the eyelid

➸ Haute chocolate and Amaretto on the outer corner

➸ Marzipan on the middle of the eyelid for a point of light


What I love ♥︎

I really like this palette because eyeshadows’ colors highlight my blue eyes. Eyeshadows are not powdery, so no risk of fall which can ruin your makeup.

For one time, the two neutral eyeshadows are bigger than others. That is a great idea, because personally these type of color are always the ones that I end first..

When you’re open the palette, it smells Kinder which it is really a regressive smell.

The packaging is solid which allow to transport it everywhere without risk of damages.

Best tutorials on Youtube 👍🏻

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I hope you enjoyed read me. This palette offers many possibilities of makeup for day or for night.

You can read my article on the Palette Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay which I love very much too..

Xoxo !





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