My favorite products of 2016

Happy New Year ! 🎊 It is time to evaluate 2016. In 2016 I made many beauty discoveries but I also continue to use some of my favorite products.

Make up

Gwen Stefani Palette with Urban Decay

I wrote an article about it so I let you read it if you want more details, but this palette it is just perfect and wonderful. urban-decay-gwen-stefani-872

Image from Lodoesmakeup 😘

Infaillible 24h mat x L’Oréal Paris

I use this foundation all the year (except this summer because I prefer powder foundation when the weather is hot). It has a very good coverage but with an incredible natural finish. It gives me baby skin. At the end of the day the foundation has not move. I have a combination skin and this foundation doesn’t give me imperfections.


Image from Sweet cocooning 😘

Cocoa powder foundation

In the summer, I don’t like to use liquid foundation because this creates an unpleasant sensation with warmth. Normally, I just don’t put foundation, but next summer I decided to try a powder foundation. Never disappointed by Too Faced, I tried cocoa powder foundation in light/medium shade.

I loved to use it. It has an incredible smell of chocolate. It absorbs the surplus of sebum and make the skin looks like mat and silky, a real baby skin!


Buy it


Coconut body cares products by Yves Rocher

This summer, Yves Rocher has renewed his range of coconut products. New packaging, new smell closer to the real smell of coconut, new composition. The collection includes:

  • A toilet water in 20 ml
  • A lip balm in stick
  • A cube bath
  • A body oil
  • A shower oil
  • A body balm
  • A body scrubs
  • A body milk
  • A body wash

A complete collection to have a great cocooning moment.

I bought the lip balm, the shower oil, the body scrubs and the body milk.


Buy it

I bought this collection this summer because i just love the smell of coconut for summer. But I continue to used my body scrubs actually. The major point of this collection is clearly the smell very natural.

Cleasing oil camomile by The Body Shop

I took advantage of Black Friday to buy this products. Effective on all the types of makeup even waterproof. But I think that is not really adapted to eyes.. The smell is pleasant and sweet. Oil changes into milk in the contact of the water.


Picture from Mamzelleboom 😘

I hope you enjoyed reading me, xoxo 💋


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