My travel to Heraklion

Actually it is -5 degrees. It is cold, freezing, the sun goes down at five o’clock. So.. I just want to remind my trip to Heraklion in Crete last summer. 

City of Heraklion

Heraklion is Crete’s capital. There are 150 000 residents. It takes its name from Héraclès.

Heraklion was occupied by many different nation which explains the different architectures (Byzantine churches, Venitian palaces, Turkish fountains, Neo-classic buildings and concrete buildings..).

Ares of interest

  • Freedom Square: center of locals’ life.
  • Venetian loggia which receives the municipal council
  • The old port where there is the harbour fort of Koulès
  • Archaeological museum which shelters the most important collection of minoens’ objects


Our travel to Heraklion

I went to Heraklion with my sister during the first week of June. We had booked our travel in February. We had the chance to travel outside school holidays, so we paid a moderate price for an all-inclusive service (flight, hotel, full board..).


We have chosen the Atlantica Akti Zeus hotel. Located ten minutes from the airport, and ten minutes from the center of Heraklion, this hotel is well located. There is a splash world into the hotel, a bar, a swimming pool and the beach in front of the hotel. The only negative point is that beach chairs are paying. There is a great restaurant opened morning, noon and night but there is also a snack opened all the day to eat after restaurant’s hours.

We spoke english with locals but our english accent and their english accent are very different and sometimes it was complicated being understood.


We really had a great time in Crete. People are very nice and friendly. Landscape are beautiful. We spent a whole day in Heraklion. We walked in streets and at the old port. We had shopping particularly local shops with incredible cosmetics.


We took advantage of the beautiful landscapes to take pictures at the seaside.


I keep an excellent memory of this trip. My only regret is not to have made a lot of excursion. We had not booked early enough excursions which we wanted to do (like day out on the water, Spinalonga..)

I hope that we can do it again next summer, discover another country together. I put on my which list different cities: Zagreb, Barcelona, Istanbul, Milano etc..

I hope my article make you want to visit Heraklion and the rest of Crete.


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