Beauty boxes ? Zoom on Birchbox

Beauty boxes concept

For several years, a new concept showed up: the boxes! The first was the beauty boxes. Next, this concept extended to new domains like wine, food, jewelry etc..


Among the consequent offer on the market, I choose to take out a subscription to Birchbox. You pay 13 euros per month and at the beginning of the month you receive a box with a selection of four or five products. There are small-size products most of the time.

This concept allows to discover new brands or new product. The perfect deal for beauty addicts in search of novelty.

Each box has a theme linked to the time of the year. For example, in February it’s about Valentine’s day; in December about Christmas; in May about spring..


But sometimes Birchbox make partnerships with brand or personality. In September Birchbox and Wear lemonade had joined to make the “Kiss” box. In April, Birchbox have collaborated with Pantone Universe to make real box in the famous colors of the brand.


Limited-edition boxes

Few times a year, Birchbox create limited-edition boxes, which are more expensive but more substantial too! The last was the “Birchbox  Home x The socialite family”.  It was a decoration box with a candle, a cushion, a box of tea, a vase, a towel.. This box cost 49 euros for subscribers and 64 euros for the others. But it real value is 172,80 euros.

These limited-edition are truly good deals because unlike monthly boxes, there are only full-size products.

Why I choose Birchbox

The aded value of Birchbox is that they have their own store. It means that all the products that you receive are on this store (and many more products). If you like a product, you can find it easily and command it. In more, when you are a Birchbox’s subscriber you have a reduction all the time.

To conclude, Birchbox is clearly affordable. Students, young professionals, mother.. everyone can put 13 euros per month. It’s so nice to wait all the month our little box, and to discover its substance. It’s like Christmas all the year! 🎁

If you want to subscribe to birch box use my referral link to be sponsored and have advantages. 😀

If you want to see the content of Birchbox – February 2017 😍



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