My favorite teas of Christmas

As a tea addict and passionate of Christmas, I love to drink teas of Christmas. I don’t really like hot drinks, I prefer cold ones especially with a lot of ice. Hot chocolate, coffee… are not really my winter favorites. But there is one hot drink that I drink during all the year: tea. Iced on summer and hot during the rest of the year. 

Like last year, Palais des thés made a box grouping all their taste of Christmas.

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Box muslins n°25

There are 54 teabags of five different type of tea

  • Black Tea n°25
  • Green tea n°25
  • Garden n°25
  • Rooibos n°25
  • Thé des délices limited edition of 2016

All these flavors are based on the same christmas recipe (mixture of vanilla, almond, cinnamon, ginger, orange and lemon) but declined with black tea, green tea, white tea and rooibos.

Perfumed teas are traditionally associated with flower petals freshly picked, natural essences, barks of fruit or spices. Here, those teas are perfumed with christmas spices like cinnamon for example.

Palais des thés is a brand for lovers of tea because it decide to stock up directly on crop production to guarantee the freshness of tea.

At Christmas time, I like to drink a cup of those tea with a dash of soy milk and Christmas shortbread cookies.

But more generally, you can drink this collection all along winter. Mainly orange and cinnamon are winter flavors.



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