Palette Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay

Last year, the singer Gwen Stefani made a creative partnership with Urban Decay. The capsule collection contained an eyeshadows palette, a blush palette, a brow box, lipsticks, lip pencil.. Gwen Stefani developed and designed all the collection. 

The collection is really close to the artist’s world. Packaging are graphical, white and golden. The design is modern and I really like it !

The Palette

There are fifteen eye shadows including twelve novels. There are very pigmented specially the darker ones. There are mat ones (Anaheim, Stark, Zone, Blackout) and bright ones.


  • Blonde (in reference to her hair color): a very very light beige slightly lustrous.
  • Bathwater (in reference to a No Doubt’s song): beige with golden pearly reflections.
  • Skimp: nude slightly lustrous.
  • Steady (in reference to Rock Steady an album from No Doubt): a warm metallic pink gold
  • Punk (in reference of her musical style when she started): brown with ginger under tones mat.
  • Baby (in reference to her fashion collection and to her fist album): cold metallic pink
  • Anaheim (in reference to a town in Orange-County where she grow up): light mole mat
  • Stark: pinkish nude mat
  • Zone: light chocolate brown mat
  • Serious: sooty grey
  • Pop (in reference to her musical style): iridescent coral beige with golden glitters
  • Harajuku (in reference to her second fashion collection inspiring from Japan): cold pink very pearlescent
  • Danger: metallic midnight blue
  • 1987: metallic golden yellow
  • Blackout: famous mat black of Urban Decay

The colors what I use the most are Stark like make-up base, Anaheim and Zone to crease, Skimp to highlight brows and Baby and Steady.

Harajuku and Danger are maybe the more difficult to use but if there are a little scared, after applying them it look great.

Daily makeup tutorial

I realized a daily makeup with this palette that you can wear everyday.

  • First I use the shade Stark with a flat brush across lid, from the inner corner to a just beyond the outer corner.
  • Then, I mix Anaheim and Zone with a brush to crease. I shade off.
  • I use Serious in internal corner to define eyes. I shade off.
  • To finish properly the make up I shade off one more time with the shade Blonde.
  • I draw a light line of eyeliner with the Fierce flicks felt liner Ciaté
  • I apply mascara generously.

It’s a very simple tutoriel which will work with all types of eyes.

This palette was a limited edition and it not available anymore.

Xoxo 💋









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