Winter routine with Nuxe ❄️

Since I was a child, Nuxe is familiar to me. Indeed, my mother has always used Huile prodigieuse by Nuxe and its incredible smell. A few years late, the first lip balm which my mother bought to me was Rêve de miel by Nuxe. Nuxe is a brand that I have ever known. I completely trust its products. 

The history of Nuxe

In 1990, Aliza Jabès discover a little parisian cosmetic laboratory with a lot of potential. She decided to create the first brand of care and beauty inspired by nature. She surrounds herself with the best researchers.

In 1991, Nuxe give birth to Huile prodigieuse. Success is immediate. Today it is the cult product of the brand.

In 2002, Nuxe opened its first SPA in Paris. It give to the brand a legitimacy.

My Nuxe winter products

I have a very sensitive skin. So in winter, only one word: MOISTURE !! My face, my lips, my entire body need moisture everyday.


Body lotion

This body lotion has the same smell as the famous oil of Nuxe. It’s not sticky and it quickly penetrates into the skin. Its micro-glitter give a satiny finish to the skin, which it’s perfect for winter because our skins are pale, its need light !

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 Facial cream « Crème fraîche de beauté »

This product is well-named because its texture looks like cream (but cream for cooking). It smells orange blossom. But the smell is really sophisticated and gradually disappears. I use it in the evening after ma make-up removal. Its soothes my skin dried up by cold. It is perfect for combination skins because it has a matifying power, so you can use it by day too.

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 Lip balm « Rêve de miel »

Juste like I said before, I use this product since I was little. For me, it is the best lip balm ever. Juste like Huile prodigieuse, it is also a cult product of the brand. This balm with honey and precious has a slight smell of grapefruit. It repairs the most damaged lips. I use it when I wake up so that my lips are perfectly hydrated before make up. I use it too just before sleeping.

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 Orange detox mask

It a very interest product because it has three steps. In the pot it is a gel texture. When you massage it on the face it becomes oil. Finally when you wash it, it becomes milk. By removing impurities, this mask wake the radiance of face.

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Thanks for your reading! See you soon !


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